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Solar Panel Purchase


solar panel solar panel purchase

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Call number

|Useful information

“worthy future”

Trying to dispose of solar panels
Don't you think so?

Do you know about the option of [reuse], which is one of the 3Rs?
We are responsible for selling solar panels to customers who need them.
Solar panels generate electricity semi-permanently, so disposal is a last resort.

太陽光パネル SDGs

| Comparison of purchase conditions with other companies

Our purchase is"Response (deposit) speedI am confident in

For high-value appraisals, we offer half-payment or advance payment.

*Inspection (assessment) may be delayed due to weather.
*At our company, we may request a photo in order to eliminate the possibility that the rough estimate and payment amount are significantly different.

Broken panels can also be salvaged and the purchase cost will be offset, so there is no need to look for a place to dispose of them.

Pick up: Can only be brought in.

Broken  :  Cannot be disposed

Visual inspection : Snail trail not possible 

other companies

Purchase other  items: only the panel

Years of use limit: within 5 years

Panel output: 250w~

quantity : Limit over100

Worth Co., Ltd.

quantity : from 1 panel

Panel output: No minimum 

Visual inspectionno disposal fee.

Broken:  Disposal/pickup

Pick-up: take over group companies.

Usage period limit: ​No limit

Purchase other  items : purchase systems 

Other companies

Purchase amount


●Other offsetting costs

・Sorting fee
・Disposal cost
・Transportation costs
・Packing costs etc.

Jinko Solar Panel 
4,000 panels
(Used for 4 years in the field)

Purchase amount


●Other offsetting costs

Only when the glass surface is broken,

Disposal cost offset

Worth Co., Ltd.

Jinko solar panel

(Used for 4 years)

|Payment flow

太陽光パネル ソーラーパネル 買取 見積もり


Please contact us via the contact form or by phone,

Our representative will provide you with an estimate within 2 business days.

02.Contract established

After the contract is signed, we will either bring it in or pick it up at our company.

03.Inspection → Deposit

As soon as the inspection is completed at our company, we will deposit the money.As a guideline, we will deposit about 50 pieces within 2 weeks.

We have achieved overwhelmingly fast deposits, with deposits arriving within 5 business days on average. At our company, we use a string checker (bypass diode check) for panel inspections to shorten inspection time and perform proper inspections.

*For quantities of 50 or more, we will notify you of the payment date at the time of signing the contract.

| Purchase requests/inquiries

Thank you for contacting us.
A representative will contact you later.
Please wait for a while.

太陽光パネル ソーラーパネル スネイルトレイル

Damage such as snail trails is a common phenomenon seen in solar panels.
Although the purchase appraisal price will be lower, you will not be charged a disposal fee.

PONIT 01  About damage

太陽光パネル ソーラーパネル 買取枚数

You can purchase from 1 piece.
We respond to complaints from customers with small quantities that other companies charge high purchase prices (collection fees) and collection fees.

Our group company has a transportation division that handles collection and delivery from Tohoku to Kyushu. Pick-up fee is also available as a one-way pick-up fee only.

PONIT 02  Purchase quantityabout

太陽光パネル ソーラーパネル 買取条件

Our purchasing condition is that the panels be unbroken. For cracked panels, a disposal fee of 150 yen/kg will be charged. The disposal fee will be offset from the purchase price.
Please note.

PONIT 03  conditionsabout

太陽光パネル ソーラーパネル 買取 運送

Our transportation division also has an industrial waste collection permit. In addition to solar panels, we also accept inquiries regarding industrial waste, so please feel free to contact us. We also have disposal partners, so please leave it to us to secure a disposal site.

PONIT 04  transportationabout

中古 太陽光パネル ソーラーパネル 販売

Solar panels sales

By securing domestic sales destinations

Achieve high-priced purchases

Purchase difference 324 Ten thousand yen

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