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Domestic sales of reused modules/Solar system introduction cost reduction/Self-consumption construction using reused panels/Waas Co., Ltd.

The unit price of residential solar panels per kilowatt is decreasing year by year.

Solar power generation systems account for half of the kW unit price.

The solar module is the centerpiece.

We reduce the cost of introducing solar panel systems,

To make it more comfortable, safe and affordable,

We are installing solar panels using reused panels in Fukui Prefecture and other prefectures.

*Example of residential installation by Mr. S in Echizen Town, Fukui Prefecture


Breakdown of solar power generation system costs (new construction)

Approximate costs for residential solar panel installation (kw unit price)

Solar panels   140,000 yen

・Frame, cable, power conditioner, etc. 55,000 yen

・Construction cost: 65,000 yen

・Other application fees, etc. 5,000 yen


The proportion of solar panels (modules) is approximately 40-50%.


How can I reduce the installation price of solar panels?

As shown in the breakdown above, the main solar panel of the solar power generation system is

We have significantly increased the kW unit price.

At our company, by constructing reused panels and unused (surplus inventory) panels,

Solar panels can be installed at significantly lower costs.

We handle everything from purchasing solar panels to in-house transportation, sorting, inspection and cleaning, and sales.

We install panels that give the owner peace of mind.

How to inspect and clean reused solar panels?

When you hear about reusable panels, you may have various questions about them, such as whether there is a warranty, inspection, and cleaning.

At our company, modules with an output value of 80% or less, which is our standard value, are disposed of.

Module inspection and cleaning will be carried out at our warehouse.

Each piece is carefully finished.

The applicable years of solar cell modules are:

It is said that it can generate electricity for 30 to 50 years or more, and it is said that it will generate electricity for nearly half a century.

[Our Inspection Standards] Worth Co., Ltd.

・Visual check

・IV curve measurement

・Impedance measurement

・Ground fault inspection

・Bypass diode check

・EL inspection (optional)

Strong after-sales support due to in-house construction!

A variety of reused solar panels are available from various panel manufacturers, from new and unused panels to panels that have been used for several years.

At our company, we match each manufacturer's

We purchase solar module stands, so they can be used in various areas such as snowy areas and tiled roofs.

Available for sale depending on roof shape.

*When measuring output from an industrial power plant

~About our after-sales maintenance, etc.~

Output guarantee for reused panels and unused panels sold by our company

3 years of cleaning and inspection support

・Lifetime warranty for emergencies

・Secure purchase/disposal site during disposal/removal

We offer a variety of after-sales services, including:

Surplus electricity purchase system (FIT system) started in 2012

There were many companies that did not mention anything about maintenance-free or disposal costs.

In recent years, fires from solar panels and cable terminals, etc.

Various abnormal cases can be seen.


At our company, we inspect various solar panels every day.

In addition to maintenance, it is also possible to identify panels that are likely to deteriorate.

We provide thorough maintenance and after-sales support during regular maintenance.

We can deliver it to you.

We can also assist you in the unlikely event that you need to remove the item.

We remove and dispose of solar panels from sites, warehouses, and homes in each prefecture.

Most residential solar systems are

Snow damage to neighboring houses during roof replacement,

We receive many requests for removal due to moving etc.

From arranging group transportation,

Our company also handles matters such as securing affiliated disposal sites.

"I was told that the disposal fee would be 120,000 yen."

"The retailer is bankrupt and I cannot consult with them."

“I would like to ask for everything from removal to disposal.”

We will provide you with various consultations such as:

We purchase the panels that are available for purchase.

Panels that cannot be purchased can be disposed of at a reasonable price.

Appropriate power generation simulation and prediction of equipment cost recovery

Since around 2017, the phenomenon of "grid parity" has been occurring, where the unit price of electricity sold is lower than the unit price of electricity purchased.

From now on, we will use electricity at home without selling it. `Self-consumption' will be a good deal.

* Surplus electricity can be sold using storage batteries or at a purchase price of 16 yen (FY2024)

Until now, we have been providing simulations of power generation x electricity sales price, but

We will propose the appropriate panel, power conditioner, and storage battery capacity based on your electricity usage situation.

Trying to recover storage battery costs from electricity bills

It will take about 20 years.

However, it will only be available when purchased at a reasonable price.

Please be careful about same-day contracts, which is a precaution when it comes to door-to-door sales.


[Installation cost] Case 1: Storage battery 9.9kw

Mr. H's residence, Fukui City, Fukui Prefecture

・Family of 3 Galvalume catch method

・All electric

・Wife and children are at home during the day

・Solar panels (reused panels) 260W x 25 total 6.5kw

・Storage battery Nichicon Tribrit power conditioner 9.9kw

Installation cost including construction cost: 2.65 million yen (tax included)


[Installation cost] Case 2: Solar panel only

Izumisano City, Osaka Prefecture Home Visiting Nursing Care Office

・Rising electricity costs (installation of solar power for the purpose of charging EV cars)

・We would like to install new and unused panels.

・Installation of solar panels only

・Jinko Solar 545W x 10 sheets Total 5,45kw

Installation cost including construction cost: 725,000 yen (tax included)

For customers considering installing a solar power generation system or storage battery,

Please feel free to contact us and we will be happy to assist you with a rough estimate, on-site survey, and explanation.


WARS Co., Ltd.

Head Office: 3-6-12 Arisada-cho, Sabae City, Fukui Prefecture

TEL: 0778-42-5592 FAX: 0778-42-5593 E-mail:

Transportation Division: 141 Yoshitanicho, Sabae City, Fukui Prefecture

TEL: 0778-52-5360 FAX: 0778-52-5327



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