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[Industrial/Residential Solar Power Generation - Removal/Disposal - Leave it to us] | Worth Co., Ltd. | Solar panel purchase, disposal and removal

Since the FIT system started in 2012, solar power plants have been constructed across the country,

Residential solar system sales were held.

At our company, 10 years have passed since the FIT, and we have been forced to remove solar power plants.

We handle everything from removal to transportation to purchase and disposal.

By in-house removal team, group transportation, and affiliated disposal site (JPEA appropriate disposal company)

As we are raising prices nationwide,

We can undertake services such as removal, relining, and cleaning of power plants .

・Removal of rooftops/Removal of open-air power plants

Demolition of houses, removal of solar panels installed on factory roofs, etc.

Available in each region.

I would like them to just remove the solar panels.

I would also like to dispose of the stand, cables, etc.

I would also like to request that the roof be re-roofed or replaced.

Upon receiving the conditions,

We will conduct an on-site investigation.

Also, regarding panels that can be purchased

We will purchase the item and pay for the removal cost.

In order to offset

When the removal cost is 0 yen,

If the purchase exceeds the removal cost,

We will pay the purchase cost.

・Available even at sites where 10t vehicles cannot be transported.

When it is not possible to arrange a Unic vehicle or when transporting from a site where it is difficult to use a forklift,

It will be removed manually.

We will remove it on a slope and move it to a place where it can be loaded using a transport vehicle.

We will manually load the material onto a 10-ton vehicle.

・Also available for solar panel disposal only

Disposal of solar panels damaged by natural disasters such as typhoons and snow damage

Difficult to remove and palletize (packing on pallets)

It takes time and effort.

At our company, by selecting panels that can be purchased and panels that can be disposed of,

We can help you reduce disposal costs.

Example) Number of 250W disposal panels: 5000 panels, each converted to 20kg (disposal unit price: 130 yen/kg)

・Disposal cost: 13 million yen + transportation cost (for 13 10t cars)


2000 pieces can be purchased (W10 yen purchase) When 3000 pieces are disposed of (1 piece converted to 20 kg) Disposal unit price 130 yen/kg

・Disposal cost: 7.8 million yen - Payment of 5 million yen + transportation cost = approximately 2.8 million yen

The difference is about 10 million yen!

From EPC operators, power plant owners, and maintenance companies

We look forward to hearing from you.

First, we will provide you with a rough estimate.

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WARS Co., Ltd.

3rd floor, 3-6-12 Arizada-cho, Sabae-shi, Fukui 916-0057

TEL: 0778-42-5592


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