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Solar panel sales


solar panel solar panel sales

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|Solar panel arrival list

This is a list of items arriving at our warehouse.
If you are interested, please contact us using the inquiry form with the panel manufacturer/model number/dimensions/panel information.
*Please note that the panel is constantly moving.
It is also possible to reserve the item, so please feel free to contact us.

| Example of using reuse panel

Our company selects and inspects “high quality” reused panels.

中古 太陽光パネル ソーラーパネル 販売

Sales to customers in units of 1000 sheets such as PPA and self-consumption

We sell solar panels for maintenance and replacement purposes to maintenance businesses, O&M, and customers who own their own solar panels.

太陽光パネル ソーラーパネル 買取

Solar panel purchase

| Recommended for these people

中古販売 太陽光パネル ソーラーパネル メンテナンス・O&M会社

For maintenance/O&M companies

Industrial and residential panels are evolving year by year in terms of power generation efficiency and weight reduction.
When replacing damaged items due to natural disasters, etc.“I want a discontinued panel item” “I don’t want to spend time and effort applying for changes”This is what maintenance companies have told us, so by providing us with a list of the types of panels required for maintenance, we will be able to contact you when they become available. Sales are possible starting from 1 piece.

中古販売 太陽光パネル ソーラーパネル PPA事業者

For construction contractors and PPA operators

When selling for self-consumption after graduating from FIT, there are companies who want to use second-hand products for self-consumption sales because panel prices are soaring, and those who want to sell used products for self-consumption when renting out roofs in PPA business. We also sell to businesses and organizations who wish to substitute unused products (unused products).

In addition, our company“300W or more” “Less than 3 years old” “Major famous panel manufacturer”We are focusing on purchasing high quality solar panels such as:
We always have thousands of panels in stock in our warehouse, so we can sell panels for home consumption at factories and other locations.

中古販売 太陽光パネル ソーラーパネル 電気代削減

For self-consumption (rooftop)/Reducing electricity costs

As the price of electricity sales continues to decline and electricity costs continue to rise year by year, it is becoming increasingly difficult to recover costs through electricity sales revenue.
Against this backdrop, companies are increasingly being asked to secure clean, self-consumption energy using solar power generation.
As more and more companies adopt SDGs,
We install solar power generation using reused panels.
Reuse panels that can be used. We provide support for companies that focus on the 3Rs.

We provide support for a variety of systems, from disaster prevention to SDGs, 3R promotion, and RE100.

Please contact us for more information.

| Sales inquiries

Thank you for contacting us.
A representative will contact you later.
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