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Solar panel sales


solar panel solar panel sales

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O&M companies

For power generation

Can be sold from 1 piece

Solar panel replacement during maintenance

We also handle used items.

In addition, we of course purchase reusable panels.
We handle everything from unused to used frames, power conditioners, and connection boxes.
*We do not sell used power conditioners.

We can handle everything from reuse panel replacement to maintenance nationwide. Additionally, we are able to manufacture panels of around 250W in partnership with Upsolar.

Evolution of solar modules

We also sell alternative panels for disposal during maintenance.

The solar panel business has developed rapidly since 2012, and solar cell modules are evolving year by year.

Many solar modules are released every few years or even years, and the stock of older panels is no longer available for production.
The current situation is that even manufacturers do not have stock of older panels.

At our company, we purchase from 1 piece.
It is possible to sell regardless of manufacturer or quantity.

Reusable panels can be selected as a means of replacing panels in the event of a natural disaster or other unavoidable situation.

About salesFAQ

Q. Is there a warranty for solar panels?

A.If you purchase only the solar panel, it is not covered by the warranty. We only guarantee the output when we perform construction for self-consumption projects.

Q. Is it possible to specify the location where the solar panels will be delivered?

A. Yes, it is possible. Our transportation service allows you to transport items from Unic vehicles to Wing vehicles.

Q. Will you provide me with an inspection result sheet when making a purchase?

A. Yes, it is possible. We will send it to you as a PDF.

Q.My solar panel was broken and I will be purchasing a reused panel, so can you please pick up the broken one?

A.This is a solar panel that will be disposed of.
Disposal fees will be charged separately.


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