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Solar panel sales


solar panel solar panel sales

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Self-consumption power generation

As electricity prices continue to rise, companies are increasingly looking for self-consumption power generation that reduces electricity costs by installing solar panels on rooftops.

Hundreds of sheets for PPA, self-consumption, etc.

Sales to customers

Due to increases in electricity bills and decreases in FIT (power selling) prices,
Recently, demand for self-consumption power generation has been increasing.
The solar panels that generate electricity on the roof are not new;
By introducing reusable panels,
It is possible to further support environmental protection such as SDGs and CSR.

For each construction shop and each company
used panels

When installing solar panels on their roofs, an increasing number of companies are implementing SDGs initiatives by installing used panels instead of new ones.

Additionally, compared to new panels, solar panels cost about 1/3 to 1/5, reducing installation costs.


Reuse sales

Our company sells and reuses solar panels, whose mass disposal after 2030 is considered a problem.

We sell solar panels from construction shops across the country to companies considering self-consumption.

Toward a new sustainable society

As the issue of solar panel disposal is accelerating, our company aims to reuse reusable panels.


Electricity sales prices are falling and electricity rates are on the rise, and price increases are expected to continue in the future.

Additionally, the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry is considering abolishing the power sales system, and it is expected that cost recovery through "power sales revenue" will become more difficult.


In the future, we will shift from a collection model based on “power sales income” to

It is expected that there will be a shift to an era of cost recovery models based on "self-consumption."


Rather than installing using new panels,

Installation with reused panels, which can reduce panel costs by 1/3 to 1/5, is key to early cost recovery.

Disaster countermeasures/BCP countermeasures

Power can be supplied even during disasters
With the number of natural disasters increasing, electricity, which is essential to daily life, can be used even during power outages.

Environmental contribution

In response to SDGs, Re100, CSR, etc. that are required of companies these days, it is possible to improve the image of a company by introducing solar panels, which are renewable energy sources.

Reduce solar panel costs

Panel costs can be reduced by 1/3 to 1/5.

Tax saving measures

In some cases, it can be recorded as an expense with immediate depreciation in the year of introduction.
It is also possible to record expenses as depreciation.

*Our reused panels undergo inspections such as output checks and bypass diode checks, and we only sell panels with a maximum output value of 80% or higher.

Advantages of installing used solar panels
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