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Saitama Prefecture 327W Repowering/Replacement Solar Panel [Maxion Solar Panel | 6000 pieces] Solar Panel | Solar Panel Purchase/Arrival Information | Worth Co., Ltd.

In Saitama Prefecture, we purchased monocrystalline solar panels that were replaced during repowering.

Our company also undertakes repowering work and can perform the entire process from replacement to purchase to installation.

Pick up by our own transportation service

Please leave the purchase and removal of many power plant projects to us.

If you are having trouble purchasing or disposing of solar panels, we can also purchase fences and frames.

At our company, we repower and replace

We can undertake all aspects of solar power plant removal, purchase, disposal, and sales.

By purchasing in warehouses and on-site in bulk,

Reduce customer effort and discuss costs

We will respond personally.

Purchase estimates available nationwide!

With our group transportation service, collection costs are lower than those of other companies.

Because the collection is carried out by group transportation service at each base.

There may be cases where there is no collection fee.

Although the price of new panels has calmed down, we are able to purchase them flexibly.

We offer selling prices lower than the market.

We have a large selection of unused panels as well as panels that can inherit warranties.

We receive many inquiries from construction contractors, EPC operators, and solar maintenance companies.

I have received it.

By storing ready-to-use panels as warehouse inventory

Immediate response is also possible.

Our company supports the 3Rs (SDG's) of solar panels.

*3R Reduce (reduction of generation), Reuse (reuse), Recycle (recycling of resources)

Available for sale and purchase nationwide

Panel information is as follows.

Arrival panel details


Can be stored at our warehouse

Nominal mass: 20.2kg

Nominal maximum output: 327W

Nominal maximum voltage: 54.7V

Nominal maximum current: 5.98A

Open voltage value: 64.9V

Nominal short circuit current: 6.46A

monocrystalline module

Most of the new panels are imported from within China.

The lifespan of solar panels is said to be about 30 to 50 years.

Power will be generated semi-permanently.

Most of the reused panels will be used for about 5 years, so

This will not have a major impact on future use.

We can sell from just one piece, so please feel free to contact us.

*Since the panels are in flux, sales will end as soon as they are gone. Please note

However, it is possible to reserve the panel. Please feel free to contact us.

It can be used for home consumption, DIY, solar panel maintenance, PPA projects, etc.

[About shipping costs] Shipping costs can be reduced by using our trucks.

It is also possible to pick up the product directly to our warehouse.



WARS Co., Ltd.

3rd floor, 3-6-12 Arizada-cho, Sabae-shi, Fukui 916-0057

TEL: 0778-42-5592


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